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Because the need is growing, so are we!

The Canon City Pregnancy Center has some exciting news!

We have been faithfully serving Fremont County for 36 years, but we haven't done it alone. Because of your choice to partner with us in saving lives, we have changed the world, and we aren't done yet! Since March, our client numbers have increased by 40%. Every single day we have new mothers, families and children walking through our doors needing our help. Even when the world shut down, we stayed open, ready to serve. We have always offered pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, diapers, diaper wipes, infant formula, baby food, clothing, equipment and furniture at no cost to our precious families. We also provide an amazing educational program, Earn While You Learn, to our clients. With these classes that range from pregnancy to development to parenting to conflict resolution to budgeting and hundreds of other courses, we are changing the future of our community.

But we have a problem.

We have been able to offer free ultrasounds (early gestation ultrasounds, statistically, are the #1 factor that help moms choose life for their unborn) in the past through a mobile ultrasound van from Pueblo. Due to a staff shortage in Pueblo, we have lost the ability to provide this incredibly important resource to new mothers.

There is a solution!

It's no secret that we have drastically outgrown our current facility. The increase in clients means an increase in supplies needed to serve these families. It also means that if we are to provide ultrasounds on our own, we need a medically approved space to perform them.

We found a building!

Through many months of research, we have located an amazing facility to grow in. This new building is zoned for medical which means several things. 1.We would have the opportunity to provide our own ultrasounds in our own facility! Through a gracious donation, we already have an ultrasound machine, we just need the space to put it in. 2. We could provide STD/STI testing to the community. 3.There would be ample space for other nonprofits to partner with us in serving Fremont County!

4.This is a big one. We could provide the abortion pill reversal program to our community! This is huge. Because of Covid 19, the abortion pill is even easier to access, and since it can be ordered online, the mothers are not being medically monitored. That means that not only the lives of the preborn are being lost, but the chances of the mothers also dying increase. The abortion pill reversal program can stop the abortion from happening if taken early enough. So many times, mothers change their mind in the 72 hours that it takes for the abortion pill to work. They realize what they've done and want to change the outcome. If we are a medical center, we could help them. In addition to becoming a medical pregnancy center, we would also have the room to do so much more! Life skill classes, small groups, CPR classes, mentorship programs, the 24/7 Dad program! The list goes on and on.

We need your help.

In order to move into this new facility, there is a couple things that we need to do first. 1. Sell our current building. We are blessed enough to own our current building without a mortgage. 2. Get the additional funds it would take to purchase the new facility. Would you choose to partner with us to save lives? To change the future? To make the world a better place? We have to raise $350,000. We are trying to procure a loan that would enable us to move forward quickly. One of the requirements of the loaning officer is if we could prove community buy in. If people simply pledged to give monthly towards the building fund for a couple years, this would prove to the bank that we have your support. Even $25 a month would show them how important it is to Fremont County that we continue the fight for abundant life. Another option is by walking along side us with a direct gift to the building fund. Would you like to be part of this amazing new adventure? If you have any questions, please ask! I can be reached at or my cell, 719-431-0738. The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace. Always thankful for you, Your servant in Christ, Stori Thompson

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