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Moving on up!

Oh my goodness! You did it!

The first week of January, we began a fantastic journey with the kick-off of our new building campaign. We spoke at many churches, small groups, and clubs. We were on the radio and in the newspaper, sent emails, made phone calls, and had a thousand different conversations with the amazing people in our community. You heard us and stepped up to serve the need. Now, look at what you've gone and done. With your support and partnership, we were able to put in an offer on a beautiful new (to us) facility where we will be able to serve so many more precious families! That offer was accepted and closing on the new building is scheduled for this Thursday, April 22nd!! We, at Canon City Pregnancy Center, are blown away by the heart of this community. If everything goes accordingly, at 10 am on Thursday, our new address will be 614 Yale Pl., Canon City!

We were able to sell our current building as well, and that closing was last week. The new owners have graciously given us 30 days past closing to get moved. Some amazing volunteers and our staff were blessed to clean the new building this past Friday so that we are ready to move in. The Pregnancy Center will be closed for moving April 23-30th, and hoping to be ready to accept clients at the new address on Monday, May 3rd.

We respectfully ask that any change of mailing address or financials wait until May 3rd.

There is no way this would have happened without our ministry partners. We simply cannot thank you enough! Our client numbers continue to increase, as well as the need for partners to walk alongside us and the precious families and babies we serve.

Please join us in prayer for a way to get the carpet replaced in the new building. It was built in 1976 and well-loved.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns; please reach out to me, I would love to visit with you.

Eternally grateful, Your servant in Christ, Stori Thompson Director of Center Relations 719-431-0738 (cell) 719-275-7074 (office)

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