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Please welcome a miracle

Please welcome miracle “Monty-Bear”!

We first got to meet “J” when she came into the Canon City Pregnancy Center for a pregnancy test. Although noticeably pregnant, we were able to confirm that she was 5 months along. “J” had not gone to a doctor for her pregnancy yet, at 17 years old she was scared and very unsure of her future. “J” and her boyfriend of 6 months had decided that abortion was the right choice for them. She came to us searching for the hope that she might have the help she needed to choose life and be a mother. At the end of our initial meeting, after explaining all that the Canon City Pregnancy Center could do to help support her decision, provide resources, and education, “J” took a deep breath….and chose life.

On April 15th, at 6lbs. 15 oz., and 19 inches long, Monatticus Bjorn was born. When asked about his unusual name, she responded she wanted his name to be as unique and as special as he was. Bjorn means “bear” in the dad’s family heritage, so they call him Monty Bear.

At one week old, Mom and Dad brought Monty Bear in to meet us. They are fully committed to each other and their little family. The love that they have for each other and their baby is undeniable. Monty’s dad said, “I can’t leave her side, I can’t be away from my baby.” Mom said she had never known real love until she had held Monty.

Mom enjoyed the Earn While You Learn classes the most. She said although the resources are amazing, the classes made her feel very prepared and comfortable going into delivery, now that she was equipped. Dad has been taking every fatherhood class available in the EWYL program.

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